Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thibodeaux and Galliano

Today was a very adventurous day.  We've now driven through almost every neighborhood in New Orleans, and some outside of it.  We were sent on a mission to buy beef jerky from a meat market in Thibodeaux which has been open since the late 19th century. After we successfully acquired the jerky we went over to Mark's family's property in Galliano and I got to see where he had spent his weekends as a kid.  It's a really gorgeous place, which has been pretty much taken over by a huge corporation that collects all of the off-shore oil and stores it for processing.  I'm learning a lot about this city and its culture, it all makes sense after putting it in perspective.
When I woke up I made myself a breakfast burrito!

Waiting for the bus
A tree overhanging the Bayou

Bright yellow, along with purple and red are some of the staple colors of New Orleans architecture and design

Mark's front porch on his property

His own private road

A pond, completely overridden with lilies

An oak, shrouded in Spanish Moss

A beautiful sunset in Galliano

Two tractors, open and keys left in them
The oil flows through these pipes and come from offshore oil rigs

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