Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday was an adventure.  On my ride into New Orleans I saw a mammoth structure which appeared to be a roller coaster, my sightings were confirmed by the man sitting next to me, Tree, who explained to me that this was Jazzland, later renamed Six Flags: New Orleans.  The amusement park was shut down after Katrina and has not reopened since.  I couldn't think of a cooler place to visit.

Unused monitors

Abandoned alleyways


I enjoyed capturing the curves and corners

A pair of rusted fans, one still blowing in the wind

Rusted toolkit

The bottom of a water ride

Endless staircase

My best shot of the day, in my opinion, the light just worked out perfectly

A drowned downed clown

Absolutely a messy kitchen

The water line is visible

Shadows illuminate the ground

Chains and chairs

A view from the roof

The computers are useless


  1. Great pictures, Dylan. An amusement park in ruins is a perfect subject for a photo essay. Man's machinations to manufacture and sell the sublime, reduced to...

  2. This be some funky ass shit my brotha
    You is a wild adventure man patrolling the wasteland
    Bring me back the flags... ALL OF THEM